Awards for Contribution to Music

Most awards in this category are decided by popular vote in the first round, and 50% judging panel - 50% popular vote in the second round (see exceptions) The top five most-voted-for candidates from the first round will enter the second and final round, with their votes carried through, after which the winners and runners up will be decided 50% by judging panel and on 50% popular vote (from both first and second rounds).

Musicians and bands who reach the final will be asked to submit links to their music (e.g. soundcloud/bandcamp/youtube) and to their performances for the judges to view in the event that they cannot go in person to see them. On reaching the final all finalists should submit their material automatically to


1. All music acts and artists must have produced either 1 album, 2 mixtapes or 3 singles in the last 18 months.

2. All music acts and artists must have performed 6 times or more in last 12 months.

3. All music acts and artists must have either a website or facebook/ bandcamp/myspace/soundcloud page.


1. All DJs must have been resident in at least two parties a month for the last year OR have performed at 12 individual events in the last year

3. All DJs must have either a website or Facebook (Fan Page)/MySpace or Soundcloud page

If you would like help publicising your nomination, 'I am a nominee' and 'we are a nominee' posters and online banners are available here

General advice to music candidates: most judges will not all be able to see live performances of the finalists and will base their assessment on material submitted so it is really important for candidates to make an effort to have footage/recordings that show the best of their work. A decent if basic website and general presentation goes a long way to help a nomination.

If we find that any nominee does not fulfill the criteria The LUKAS reserves the right to eliminate that nominee form the competition